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Re: SCAdians on the Road (fwd)

In Sacred Stone, we've toyed with the idea of making little pennons to attach
to cars in a caravan, since we tend to travel in groups of four or more cars
together and thought it might help keep us from getting separated in traffic.
 Having become separated from one such caravan in Jacksonville, Florida at
5:00 pm on the Friday of Daytona 500 weekend, the idea held great appeal to
me, since it would not only make cars more recognizable to those IN the
caravan, perhaps it would also alert other drivers that these cars were
travelling together and not to get in-between them.  We were kinda trying to
copy the idea of the college football fans (especially UT-Knoxville), who
have these little flags that stand up from the window frame and are extremely
visible from a distance, since not everyone has a stand-alone antenna.   

We sort of fell apart in committee when we began to figure out how to
construct them... but were planning to use Sacred Stone colors (green and