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Re: Md. Ren. Faire

On Mon, 28 Aug 1995, Elizabeth Urbanik wrote:

> Greetings, especially to those of you in NoVa!
> Several years ago I used to attend the Maryland Renaissance
> Festival, and I remember Lord Kendrick posting an invitation
> last year for a group of Scadians to attend. Can anyone tell
> me, has it started yet? If so, what are the opening and closing
> times and when does the Festival end? If it hasn't started yet,
> when does it open? 
> Please respond to my email address.
> Thank you,
> Elenore Spyrling
> eurbanik@leo.vsla.edu
Yes, Elenore, it started this past weekend.  My feet are very
sore from standing up and teaching juggling for approx. six 
hours straight. :-)  It is scheduled to run every weekend 
until the weekend before halloween.  The entrance fee is about
$12.  I didn't get much chance to see many of the shows this
weekend, but it seems to be pretty good.  Angel sword is not
there this year, so we couldn't go in and drool over their 
swords.  The queen for this year is, I believe, Catherine Howard.
I can post directions if anyone wants them, or you can usually find
them in the Friday Washington Post.

In service,
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