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Word on Fighter Practice at Ayisha's


At yesterday's meeting in Ponte Alto, I wasn't too sure about which days
practices were being held at Ayisha's house.

This is what Ayisha told me at the ungodly hour of 5:30 this morning.

1) Practices are Mondays and Thursdays. People can start showing up at 4:30
both days

2) Gryfydd (Or however you Westerners with your strange names spell it),
you can have the Friday practices, but you're NOT taking her Mondays or
Thursdays. if you do, she will sic Eltie and Oma on you, as well as NEVER

Oh, for those interested,  Ayisha will be a food merchant at Pointless War
this year. As soon as she decides on the menu options, We'll post them


Boroghul Kharan/Grey the Succinct (blah blah blah it's all Igor's doing)
Eek eek, shiver with fright, beg for mercy, race up a tree.