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Thanks to Storvik

Greetings Unto Denizens of the Merry Rose from Istvan Dragosani, 
Chatelaine for the Shire of Sylvan Glen in the Kingdom of the East!

I wish to extend a warm thank you to the Barony of Storvik on behalf of
the three newcomers in my Shire, Rhiannon (Rynne), Shone (Kevin) and
William (Jake) for your hospitality at the Post-Pennsic Revel last
Saturday evening.  This was their first event ever, and they returned with
several tales to tell.  Shone especially wishes to thank the Baroness for
her warm hospitality and companionship, and would furthermore like to
learn the name of the lady in the blue dress with whom he danced.  William
also wishes to extend a thank you to the Royal Bard James for providing
appropriate garb for the evening. 

I was unable, alas, to make it to the revel, since I had been at Pennsic 
the week before, and I let my wife, Rhiannon, go in my stead while I 
stayed home to be with my three children.

Istvan Dragosani                     | "Go not to the Elves for counsel,
bmccoy@capaccess.org                 |  for they will say both no and yes"
Minstrel, Mage, Sage, Wooer of Women |      -- JRR Tolkien
and General Friend of all Nature...  |