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Tuesday Night Fight Practice

*STILL* awaiting final confirmation from Bruce Cooper of the Athletics 
Department (apologies again to Chris of the Phys. Ed. Dept.) ... there 
was a message on the voice mail asking if we'd rather use the Field 
House, but I faxed him back saying that because we *do* have off-campus 
types at practice, we can't use the Field House.

Please stay tuned, folks.  If we don't have practice this week (which is 
becoming a distinct possibility) we will probably be allowed to use the 
outside site that was used over the summer.

Still seeking nominations/victims/volunteers for several open offices at 
St. Stephen's (those of you on sca@gmu.edu should receive a message on 
that shortly) ...

Also, please note that my phone number is 993-5504.  I *do* have voice 
mail and so if I'm not here (which is rare these days) then LEAVE A 
MESSAGE!  (When I finally got messages off voice mail, there were an 
awful lot of hang-up messages -- just the sad little click that lets you 
know that someone has Given Up.  Sigh ...)

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal,
preparing forms so that the George Mason University Chapter of the 
Society for Creative Anachronism can once again be recognized as a 
student chapter.  Odd ... wasn't I just doing this last spring so that I 
*wouldn't* have to be doing it in the fall?  Sigh ... there must be an 
easier way ...