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Re: Chicago Contact

At 9:29 AM 11.09.95, Lisa Talley wrote:
>Does anyone know of an SCA contact person in Chicago?  Please e-mail me
>at: mona@starburst.cbl.cees.edu.  Thanks.

That would be one of:

 * Tre-Girt-Sea, Province: {Chicago, IL} SENESCHAL: Lord Dietrich von
   Hamburg, (David Cook), 4148 N. LeClair, Chicago, IL 60641 (312)889-4635

 * Gray Gargoyles, College: {Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, IL} SENESCHAL: Lord
   Svein Sveinsson, (Ted Reichart), 1234 E. 56th St., Chicago, IL 60637

(This is from the Midrealm home page,

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