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re: Story telling, Music

On Sunday, October 1, 1995 at 1:14:19 pm EDT,
HaMizrachi@aol.com wrote:
> incipient shire of Rochsburie Mill, mundanely in Montgomery County.
Greetings good gentles of the Merry Rose,
	I have noticed on many occasions that places are listed, but not 
fully explained.(not intended as a slam on you Yaakov, yours just happened to 
be one I was interested in :-) )  I live in Charleston S.C. and have no clue 
where some of the landmark references are that people use.  Could you please 
list States and cities in your directions for those of us that are not well 
traveled in Atlantia.  I am afraid that I was born and raised in the 
Southeast and even though I have traveled greatly on the seas, my inland 
navigation leaves much to be desired.  
Also, thank you to all those who responed to my request for help with music 
and lyrics.
		Farewell good gentles, Until we speak again,
				Ian O'Donnell
				Barony of Hidden Mountain
				(Charleston S.C.)

               Chris D. Turner
     cturner@awod.com               (home)
     cturner@smtp.cnsy-ian.navy.mil (work)