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FYI: Early Music: Women Composers

Good afternoon, gentle cousins & friends!

If you are well, I am well.  It is days like this that make autumn such a 
wonderful time ....

The harp list I am on sometimes generates the most amazing things!  The 
message below came out just this afternoon; for those of you who are Web-
inclined, this is a rich and marvellous site!  Nice annotations to books and 
collections; a gratifyingly good-sized list of female composers well within 
the SCA purview, and boy, have I already gotten some ideas!!  :-)

If you do not have Web capability, writing to the nice lady who set up the 
site might get you the information by email.  If not, let me know, and I'll 
get it from the page itself.


------ Forwarded Message
This is to announce a new WEB page called EARLY MUSIC/WOMEN COMPOSERS/CD's

The page begins with an extensive list of women composers born before 
1730 followed by an annotated (historical background) 
list of CD's  and ending with some interesting links to early music 
resources and/or women composers.

the address is http://pages.nyu.edu./~whitwrth/

Since many harpists are also composers I hope you find it inspiring.

Sarah Whitworth
------ End of Forwarded Message