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Virginia Battalion Mailing List

Greetings good gentles, from Sir Corby.

As you may have read in the Acorn, I have just been given the responsibility
of command over Atlantian war forces from Marinus to Black Diamond, south of
Stierbach to the VA/NC border. This command is exclusive of any units that
form part of the Cavalry unit under Duke Michael.

I have spoken with every Baron in the region, but I still need email
addresses for all of them, if such exist. None are in the Acorn. 

I need to discuss future Batallion organization and practices with every
seneschal of each  group in the region not represented by a baron, or the war
leader for that group if it isn't the seneschal. (I know it usually isn't.)

I would like to gather together the email addresses for any commander, at any
level, in the region, or any fighter from a place or group who has no leader.
I want all the fighters in the region to feel that they have a place to go
and people who will welcome them. All fighters in the region are welcome to
send me their email address for updates about the region's war practices and
plans. Don't expect a great deal of one-on-one communication from me if you
aren't a unit leader, though. You folks outnumber me quite a bit!

Please forward this note to anyone you know from the region who is not on the
Atlantia list and who needs to know about how non-Northern Virginia will be
organized this year. If the war leader from your group doesn't have email,
please consider acting as the electronic go-between for this list's mailings
to interested parties, and vice versa. Perhaps an (appropriately edtited?)
version of this letter might appear in your group's newsletter.

Here's most of what I know about the status of this batallion currently:

* My boss is Duke Anton, who is the new Kingdom Warlord.
* My two regional deputies have not yet been selected.
*The status of Drachentor is uncertain--it is technically part
   of VA, but has clear reasons to be fighting with Sacred
*I intend to run at least one big practice in the spring, 
   probably the first weekend in April, in Isenfir if possible.
   It is central to the whole region and I may have a free
    site available.
* I will make every effort to visit each group's practices at
   least once between now and the War. Please be patient--
   this is a big task.

Caer Mear has a central location as well, an indoor practice site, practice
Tuesday and Thursday nights, and a typical fighter attendance of 10 Tuesdays
and 6 Thursdays, though it sometimes goes much higher. You are more than
welcome to come by! Write for directions.

Work will almost certainly take me to Danville December 11-12. I would love
to hear from Drachetor fighters about arranging a practice.

Please note that I am NOT subscribed to the Atlantia List, so you must
respond by email directly to me at codexzine@aol.com. Discussion of this
stuff doesn't belong on the A-list anyway. So I won't bother you again with

Thanks for your time. 

(Corby's mark)