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Seeking some advice

Greetings from Istvan Dragosani!

I am in need of some advice.  It seems that in the past several months 
that apathy regarding the Society is rearing its ugly in my shire, Sylvan 
Glen.  I have just become seneschal, and I need some suggestions and/or 
advice on what I can do battle this malady.  I am having trouble keeping 
people motivated in the various activities.  At our last business 
meeting, on Sunday the 19th, only one person showed up aside from myself, 
which made the purpose of having the meeting all but futile.

I have been initiating a 'recuitment campaign', which it seems our shire 
has never done before.  In fact, despite the fact that many people in 
Sylvan Glen don't seem to care what becomes of the shire, one of the new 
people that has come into our shire is well on his way to becoming our 
Heavy Weapons Marshall.  I've been trying to hold a newcomers meeting at 
least once a month, as well as having 'period' nights when we can, 
usually in the form of a small potluck revel.  These have been successful 
to some degree, but I feel as if the shire is not as 'together' as it 
needs to be.  Or do you think that everyone is just going into 
hibernation for the winter and will come out of hiding in the Spring?

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially 
from other seneschals and chatelaines who have had similar experiences 

Yours in Service,
Istvan Dragosani
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