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Re: Seeking some advice

On Wed, 22 Nov 1995 dani@telerama.lm.com wrote:

> You didn't mention your group's geographic situation in your message, and 
> many readers may be unaware of it.  The fact that you are three hours 
> away from the nearest AEthelmearc group and somewhat isolated from the 
> mainstream of Atlantia to boot probably contributes to an apathy 
> regarding the Society:  Your members don't see much of it.

We are somewhat isolated from AEthelmearc and the East, but too much so.  
Montevale is less than an hour away, and Atlantia is just over the 
Potomac River from us.  I have tried to get people to ride to events, 
even with offers of free rides, but very few takers.  That's actually my 
main concern, getting people to go to events, because that seems to be 
where the real magic of the SCA resides.

> I have no useful advice myself, but you might want to cast your net more 
> widely -- posting to sca-east and perhaps the Rialto -- to find out how 
> other groups in your group's geographic situation have coped.

Thanks for your reply!

Yours in Service,

Istvan Dragosani
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