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Re: Seeking some advice

Istvan Dragosani wrote:
>We are somewhat isolated from AEthelmearc and the East, but too much so.  
>Montevale is less than an hour away, and Atlantia is just over the 
>Potomac River from us.  I have tried to get people to ride to events, 
>even with offers of free rides, but very few takers.  That's actually my 
>main concern, getting people to go to events, because that seems to be 
>where the real magic of the SCA resides.

Sometimes it is hard to generate interest in a large group of people. Why not
try one at time? You go to the event with maybe one other person. If they
have a good time, you won't be alone in trying to generate that interest. 

Wishing you luck in your endeavors,