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RE Atlantian Address List

Thanks muchly to those good gentles who have sent me their new
information for the List! I've just finished putting it in this
morning. I do have an announcement regarding the List: I've
decided to split it into two files: Last Names A-M and Last
names N-Z. This way, It won't take as long to download one
file, if that's what you've been doing. I'll post it once,
using this split form, and I'd like your comments. Does it work
for you, does it not really matter if I split the file, etc.
I won't post it yet, though; I'm still getting updates. 

In service,
Elizabeth Urbanik, Cataloger		ska Elenore Spyrling, Seneschale
Pittsylvania County Library		    Shire of Drachentor
Chatham, VA 24531			    Kingdom of Atlantia
		804-432-3271	eurbanik@leo.vsla.edu
            Proud member of Librarians of the Knowne World