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Re: Other things to do at University

More things to do at University:

  The University's rare book collection is _also_ very close to the
University site, and is open Saturday 9-1 (longer hours Sunday afternoon).
I'm not familiar enough with the collection to know how many relevant books
they have.

  For those coming in Friday who would like to meet with a random crowd
of SCA folk and do something mundanely fun, Ursula von Bremen (mka
Jerome Hinson:  (919) 933-5598 evenings) is organizing trips to shoot
pool or whatever;  she might even be willing to tell you where the
modern sights to see around Chapel Hill are if you want to tourist.

  Previous Kberg Universities' planetarium tours (Hubert FitzBennett
is a manager there) with medieval narration will unfortunately NOT be
able to be repeated this year.

  We have at least one postrevel shaping up;  get details at University.

  Unless you came down really early, you're going to miss the Tallis
Scholars performance tonight.  :)

// hudson@cs.unc.edu