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Unto the brave among the Atlantian populace come rumors of
speed, skill, and random game violence--

"...Masqued Ball is THIS weekend?"
"Am I wearing my shin guards?  Are you *kidding?*"
"Caer Maer?  Isn't that where that three hour Cambok game..."
"...forecast...less rain than at Emerald..."
"Sure, they have sticks to lend, but not many--bring your pole
"...spectator sport?  Who do you think controls the outfield?"
"Not for the timid.  Not even for the nervous." 
"...wearing my heaviest skirts.  Let them try to get past THIS

Caer Maer.  Masqued Ball.  This Saturday.  Less rules, more
clothes than Tuchuk fighting, and no armor required.  

			...at least...
				that's what *I* heard...

					Susanna Grey(