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Holiday Quiz

O.k.  Just because I found it amusing...

My mother gave me this quiz last Christmas and I thought I might share it
with the Merry Rose...

The following phrases describe names of Christmas songs.  See how many you
can guess:

1.  Approach everyone who is steadfast.
2.  Ecstasy toward the orb.
3.  Hush, the foretelling spirits harmonize.
4.  Hey, miniscule urban area Southwest of Jerusalem.
5.  Quiescent nocturnal period.
6.  The autocratic troika originating near the ascent of Apollo.
7.  The primary carol.
8.  Embellish the corridors.
9.  I'm fantasizing concerning a blanced yuletide.
10. I apprehended my maternal parent osculating with a corpulent, unshaven
male in crimson disquise.
11. A melodic composition reverberates throughout the ozone.
12. During the time ovine caretakers supervised their charges past twilight.
13. The thing manifest itself at the onset of a transparent day.
14. The tatterdemaliion ebony atmosphere.
15. The coniferous nativity.
16. What offspring abides thus?
17. Removed in a bovine feeding trough.
18. Creator cool it ya kooky cats.
19. Seraphim we aurally detected in the stratosphere.
20. Valentino, the roseate proboscissed vapiti.
21. Father Christmas approaches the metropolis.
22. Ag glokenspiels.
23. The slight percussionist lad.

I'm not sure where it originated, but hopefully you'll find it slightly
entertaining.  If you want the answers, e-mail me and I'll post them in a
couple of days.

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all!!!

Rhiannon Ui Niall