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Fighting practices

Greetings unto the fighters gathered here.

I am posting this message from Sean de la Mear from the Barony of Storvik.
This is an open invitation to all fighters local to the Storvik area.

In service,

   Corun MacAnndra   | 
 Dark Horde by birth |       Only 15 more chakra days until Krishna.
   Moritu by choice  | 

====== begin forwarded text =======


As the Holidays and New Year approach us, I would like to personally extend
my warmest regards to you and yours. I hope  your season is filled with great 
memories and lasting good cheer. I am pleased to inform you that the Monday 
evening practices are going well. As we enter late fall and early winter we 
have been very lucky on those nights to have great weather.

To make practices a little more interesting, we are going to start with two
special monthly practices having a theme. Beginning in December, the first 
Monday of the month will be a tourney practice night. This tourney will be
the first thing on the agenda. We will use Round Robin and Double Elim style
lists so everybody can practice more than once. All skill levels are invited.
Remember, this is a practice tourney. Get all the butterflies out during
practice and fight better when it counts! An interesting prize has been 
devised. It will be explained at the first tourney practice.

Hopefully I will be able to find an aspiring MoL to run the lists. To 
facilitate the evening events, we'll want to start the first buts at 7:30pm
sot his will be the cut off time for assembling the list. If we find it's 
too early or too late we'll change the time and put the word out.

We would also like to try a once a month melee practice at the George Mason
site. Thei practice will be held on the THIRD Tuesday of the month. Small
melees and tactics for the unit and small groups will be concentrated on.
Access to melee weapons is limited. If you have any, PLEASE bring them to 
this practice so we can simulate shield wall/spear confrontations along with
other melee scenarios.

The first tourney practice will be held on 4 Dec. '95. As to avoid the holiday,
the next tourney practice will be on 8 Jan, '96. Then on 6 Feb as scheduled.
The first melee practice will be held on 19 Dec. '95. As the weather change
for the better we will most probably increase the sites and frequency of the 
melee practices. But for the winter, try to keep your skills up once a month.
During the melee practices, formations and movement in these formations will 
be explained, shown and practice by all. That's right, a little marching never
hurt. These basic skill will keep the unit together in combat. If we can beome
proficient, we could clean up the battlefield. Gradually we can introduce 
combat and movement. Once we master it at practice, we will be able to have a
scrimmage with another local unit. Hope this piques your interest, and I really
hope to see youa t practice!!!

In your service,

For info or armour days, please call me.
home: 301-982-2060
work: 301-496-7770