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For Sale

Master Dafydd ap Gwystl greets the Cheapside horde!

Gentle folk, I have considered for some time on the problem
of the very small amount of space I have, and the large amount
of stuff.

I am therefore going to offer up for sale a reproduction of a 15th
century merchant's stall.  I built this stall some three years or
so ago, just because I could.  I have set it up at several events,
like the Faire at Cuan and Aria's Coronation.  It is a very nice
reproduction of a fish-wife's stand from around 1450, as shown
clearly in an etching (I'm sorry, but I'm at work and don't have
the bibliographic information on the etching at hand; I'll post
them later).  It breaks down for transport into two flat square
pieces appropriate for a roofrack: one is 6' by 8', the other
is 6' by 4'.  It is painted bright blue, for resistance to the
elements.  When set up it forms a rigid framework for a cloth
shade (yes, cloth included!) that looks like a very fancy lean-to.
The cloth attaches with ties and won't blow off.  The roof is
adjustable to any angle that you find convenient.  The back is
fitted with numerous hand-rounded slats, very convenient to tie
merchandise to or hang it over.  The whole structure is an ideal
object for any one-table merchant, although it would also work
well for a rigid stand-alone sunshade.  Four stakes give it
good wind resistance, and it does not require any ropes at all
for support.  It is in very good condition, having been recently
repaired by me.

So, why am I selling it?  Well, I have too much stuff to use it
all, and I am not a merchant in the SCA.  I decided that it was
a terrible pity that I had made this authentic merchant stall,
and (as I was not a merchant) it was never getting used for the
one thing I made it for.

So, what do I want for it?  That depends.  All reasonable offers
are welcome, and I will accept the best offer.  Possible offers
include barter for merchandise or skills (I make a lot of chests
in trade for garb, for example), or cold hard cash.

I will post the details of the manuscript illustration later.
Any reasonable inquiries will be welcomed.  For the seriously
interested person, I would be willing to send a photocopy of
the manuscript illustration on which the stand is based.

I will give or sell this fine merchant's stall to the best
offer, but offers will also be weighted by intangibles like
the use to which you will put the stall.

This is a single merchant's stall.  Set up it has a roof some
7' above your head, a back wall, and two diagonal supports on
the side.  It will fit a medium-sized table, which is what
is being used by the fishwife in the original.  It is a high-
quality reproduction of an actual 1450-ish stall, although
it is built for SCA use.

I would very much like for some SCA merchant to have this fine
stall.  Anyone interested may email me with questions or an
offer at

I will probably be also advertising this stall once on the
rialto, but I would prefer to sell it to an Atlantian, not
only for chauvinistic reasons, but because the transport
arrangements will be much easier :^)


Dafydd ap Gwystl