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Known World A&S

This is forwarded from the Rialto.  Your local A&S officer has a flyer on
this also.

Subject:	Known World A&S - Instructors Needed
From:	"G. Richard Auklandus" <RAUKL1@jcpenney.com>
Date:	26 Dec 1995 16:00:26 GMT

First off, I am posting this for my friend, Lady Jocea Anne Gallowglass, who
doesn't have internet access.

The Barony of the Steppes (mundanely Dallas, TX) is autocratting the Known
World Arts & Sciences Event the weekend of 12-14 April, 1996.  We have a
wonderful hotel with really good rates (it used to be an apartment complex;
you can easily fit a half-dozen folk for like $69/night), free shuttle
service to the site, and the hospitality of the Barony.

We would very much like this to be an Known World event.  To that end, we
need instructors to volunteer to teach all sorts of classes.  To do so,
please either contact Lady Jocea Anne at 214-243-6450 or write me at
sircai@ix.netcom.com. (You can also get my address, etc at my homepage: 
http://austin.fastlane.net/~sircai/bsteppes.htm. (I'll also put up a page
with KW 
A&S stuff soon... watch for it...)

Looking forward to seeing you there. Please tell all your friends.

Vicomte Cai de Lyon, OL, KSCA
Ansteorra, Steppes