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Northern Regional War Practice

>To: acarey@mnsinc.com
>From: Brenna@dcez.com (Brenna of Storvik)
>Subject: Northern Regional War Practice
>The Baronies of Bright Hills and Storvik are hosting a Northern Regional
War Practice on Sunday, February 11, 1996, at the Hannah Moore Center in
Reisterstown, Maryland.
>Authorizations and Armor inspections will begin at 10:30 AM with Fighting
to begin at 12:00 PM and end 4:00 PM.
>While Fighting will be outside, Warm drinks, the Cafeteria area (with
tables), and bathrooms will be available for our use, including other
activities (no child care or childrens activities provided at this event).
>There is no site fee for this event.
>For Information Contact:
>        Baron Hienrich Von Kreiner      (410) 833-6194
>        aka  Robert Kriner
>or      Baroness Brenna of Storvik      (202) 347-6897 (answering machine only)
>        aka  Jeraldine Rorstrom-Lee
>Take your best route to #695, the Baltimore Beltway.  
>From #695 take #795 North (Exit 19) to Franklin Blvd.
>Take Franklin Blvd. East to Reisterstown Rd.
>Turn Left onto Reisterstown Rd.
>At the 2nd light, Turn right into the Hannah More Center and follow the
road around to the School Cafeteria.
Brenna of Storvik

AKA The Goddess K-Mart  
    Goddess of Material Goods and Blue Light Specials