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Re: Do You Have a Milpitas Horror Story?

>     Now is your opportunity to have your voice heard at the BOD level. If
>you will give me "the cold, hard facts" of your less than satisfactory

In, mmm, spring of 94, I faxed for a membership & an out-of-kingdom
newsletter, totalling around $50.  A couple of days later, I found that
there was a $200 charge on my Visa account.  It couldn't be attributed
until complete (remember, Milpitas uses obsolete tech for their credit card
business), but I knew I hadn't used the card for anything except the SCA in
some months.  I called Milpitas; not only could they not explain it, they
couldn't find my membership form.  A couple of days later, the charge had
disappeared from my account.  Milpitas never found my form; I wound up
renewing at Pennsic.

If this happened at, say, a bookstore, I'd never go there again.

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