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Re: Winter events in Black Diamond

> Well, I think this settles it.  There shouldn't be anymore
> winter events in Black Diamond.  Not if they're going to
> cripple the entire east coast.  Just what is it about you
> guys.  Everytime you have a winter event you have to invite
> 2-3 feet of snow.  Oh well...

I've been waiting to hear from those of you who were (or maybe are)
still there. I know Herveus and MJ were still there as of Monday.
You'd think with all the computer people in this kingdom that
*someone* would be able to get a message out to the Merry Rose
to let us know how you're faring. ;-)

Oh, and Kendrick, I heard that the snow was a gift from Ansteorra.
We'll have to think of something suitable to send to them by way
of a.....um...thank you (yeah, that's it).

In service,
Corun (who waited until the absolute last minute to decide not to go
       and who still isn't dug out)

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