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Our pal, Netcom

        I think that atlantia-l is a fine and wonderful thing.
But it really does seem as if Netcom is choking it.
        Atlantia-l goes beyond the fun of chatting with friends.
It is also potentially a powerful communication tool in the event
of some emergency that impacts the kingdom. There is probably at
least one person per branch that subscribes. Those people could
be used to relay complex messages quickly throughout Atlantia and
get responses back.
        As chancellor, I can certainly say that atlantia-l's
contribution to University Atlantia has been significant.
        But large lag times between when a message is sent and
delivered cripples this list. I sent out a winter storm warning
on this list, Friday. It hasn't gone out, yet. Sometimes, they
never do get out.
        This list used to be fairly vigorous, with lots of inane
chatter mixed with some true gems; and all of it welcome contact
with friends, when it all comes down to it. Now it's mostly quiet.
I think the lag time has been a factor in that, as well.
        I request that you look for a different home for the list.
Messages from netcom accounts are distributed with no real delay;
but everyone else gets highly variable results, with 4 days being
the apparent average. (You watch: THIS message will post within
2 hours. There is a corrolary of Murphy's Law which states that,
when you try to prove the law, something will go RIGHT in order
to screw you....)
(sent 1/9 @ 0435)