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Re: Are people stuck at 12th Night?


On Mon, 8 Jan 1996, Wynn Klosky wrote:

> Just wondering, as an out-of-kingdom type, are flocks
> of folks stuck down in Blacksburg at the 12th Night
> site, or are they all just coincidentally not home?

When you wrote this, many were still stuck in Blacksburg.  I myself was 
there, not at the Red Lion Inn, but at the house of my boyfriend's 
parents.   On Sunday, I-81 was still closed to vehicles without snow 
tires or chains.  Late Monday, it was possible to go out and most of the 
major roads were clear.

My boyfriend and I managed to leave Blacksburg this morning and made good 
time driving down to Durham.  For those returning to Washington, there 
may have been a little more trouble, because I heard on the radio that 
they got three more inches of snow there.

Elaine McIntosh