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Re: Are people stuck at 12th Night?

>Just wondering, as an out-of-kingdom type, are flocks
>of folks stuck down in Blacksburg at the 12th Night
>site, or are they all just coincidentally not home?
>branwynn ottersby
>in Colorado and wondering

Lots of people (In fact, almost the entire population of attendees) were
stuck in Blacksburg through Sunday night.  We held "13th Night" on Sunday.

Lady Ana Ilevna and I organized an impromptu "Colligium Nivis" (College of
the Snows) and Naalbinding, glass bead working and sign language were taught.

Merchants unpacked their wares and sold some more stuff, people pitched in
to do food runs for the hotel restaurant and others, also to do runs to a
pharmacy for essential drugs such as insulin, etc.  Musicians played while
dancers danced.  Lots of people helped the hotel with bussing and washing
dishes and shoveling sidewalks.

There was a snowball war on Saturday night that panned out because the snow
was too dry to pack well.  Mistress Shrew and Master Ross sponsered a snow
Viking contest that was won by a couple who stomped a snow viking out of the
snow, a la horses cut in chalk cliffs,  because the snow still wouldn't pack
on Sunday to do a traditional snow person.

There was singing and belly dancing and bards composing filk songs about the
13th night activities.

Many games of Hearts, Magic, Poker and Mille Bornes were observed.  Lots of
people visited with friends and/or took naps.

On Monday cars were dug out, belongings were packed up and lots of people
went home.  Some stayed Monday night due to snow conditions at home or car

On the whole, we had a great time and the hotel was very plesently surprised
by us, I think.  How many other groups of 300+ people would do the dishes?

        - Anarra Karlsdottir (Caer Mear)