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Never Too Early for love

Good Cousins All

On Feburary 3, Storvik is hosting an event which, in concept, is a high 
middle ages recreation of a (centuries earlier) Court of Eleanor of 
Aquataine, known to them only by legend.  Included in this 
recreation of a recration will be a Court of Love.  

Not only do I write to invite all interested to attend 
(hint: see event announcement below), but to inquire of any 
information/sources regarding medieval recreations of earlier events (ala 
the Last Tourney, near and dear to our hearts but alas NOT medieval) and
the kind of errors/misinformation to which such pagents (if any) were 

If any of you have such information, please e-mail me.



aka Jeff Tyeryar

	   - - - - Event Announcement - - - -


		    3 February 1996

  On the Feast of Saint Blase, February 3, 1996, Corun and Brenna, Baron 
and Baroness Storvik, summon their Court and invite all folk of gentle 
birth to a day of dancing, merriment, song and divers proof that Love 
doth reign in Storvik.  Several challenges will be fought for Love's 
honor, and there may be a Court of Love.  Favor will be shown to those 
who bear their Love's token about their person, or who speak with grace 
of their Love.  There will be an open unjuried A&S display.  Please bring 
banners and all manner of display to decorate the Hall.

  Site opens Noon.		On-board $11.00
  Procession at 1:30		Off-board  5.00
  Feast served after dusk
  Event ends 10PM
  Hall closes 11PM

  On-board reservations bust be received by Beornheard by Monday, January 
29.  Reservations are limited to 125.  In extremis, call, but note that 
telephone reservations are worth the paper on which they are written.  
Crash space is available; contact Beornheard.

  Marshal of the Hall (Autocrat):  Lord Beornheard of Wearmouth (Jeff 
Tyeryar, 3603 Oliver Street, Hyattsville, MD, 20782; 301-559-7852; 
tyeryar@netcom.com). Cook:  Lady Aisha (Donna Randall, 202-723-2208.  
Court Musician:  Felicia Eberling, 301-587-3711.

  Directions:  The site is the Margaret Schweinhaut Senior Center, 1000 
Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, Maryland.  Take your best route to the 
Washington, D.C. Beltway (I-495) and exit onto Route 97 (Georgia Avenue) 
north.  IMMEDIATELY, at the first light, turn right onto Forest Glen 
Road.  The Schweinhaut Center is approx., 1.25 miles on the right.