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Re: Our pal, Netcom

As Staff Advisor of the SCA at UNC-CH, I have offered Tanner the 
possibility of relocating the list to UNC-CH's CREN Listprocessor.  I 
already administer two lists there, one of them being a daily digest for 
the world's planetarians.  Because of the already extant tie-in with the 
SCA at UNC-CH, running the list on our site would be free.  An 
unmoderated list would not require much in the way of intervention, and 
the CREN processor is very speedy.  One day delays tops, unless the 
machine goes crashing, which is a very rare event.

If the Kingdom (or even Windmasters Hill) is looking for a WWW site, 
capable of integrating the rec.org.sca and other USENET newsgroups, I 
would recommend that you check out the WWW site establishment policies on 
RTPnet (the local free-net style WWW server) at 
http://rtpnet.intercenter.net/ and see what you think.  Meanwhile, just 
moving the list should speed things up over NETCOM, if that is the 
immediate goal...  Just some food for thought.  Enjoy the snow! 

Hubert FitzBennett mka

Tom Hocking
Moderator/Listowner of Dome-L (worldwide daily digest for planetarians)
Webmaster of Morehead Planetarium (see URL below)
President of the Board of Directors, RTPnet

Tom Hocking    Education Coordinator    Morehead Planetarium  UNC-Chapel Hill
Campus Box 3480    Chapel Hill, NC  27599-3480  USA           starman@unc.edu
voice: (919) 962-1236   fax: (919) 962-1238     Home of the (S)Tar Heels!
                WWW site: http://rtpnet.intercenter.net/~dataman/
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On Thu, 11 Jan 1996, John Strauss wrote:

> I am always a proponent of "free" solutions rather than throwing money
> at problems. Just call me the Stone Soup Kid.

> I'm going to ask around for a freebie solution.