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Re: Are people stuck at 12th Night?

Lady Branwynn is wondering where we were.

Well, I can't speak for everybody, but there were nearly 30 people stuck 
at the Comfort Inn through Monday, including Master Voung Mann and his 
lady, Baron Heinrich and Baroness Barbara, Mistress Isabella Stareri and 
Lord Konrad, Lord Razumas, Lord Gregory of Isenfir, myself, my lady, and 
my daughter, and dozens of others whom I can not name.

My appologies for the misspellings.

We stuck around the hotel, or when to the holiday Inn for dinner and 
breakfast.  We played dumbeks and danced (well, they did, I watched), 
sang and wrote songs, and declared ourselves the Principality of the Dawn 

	Think about it ;-).

So yes, lots of people were gone.

Apparently, the Holiday Inn crowd played lots of period and non-period 
table games.  I even got in a few rounds of Bassett after dinner Sunday.

In Service
Leifr Johansson