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12Night & List

> Okay, I didn't make it to 12th Night and I'm curious. What was it
> like? I'd like to hear all those "Mean Old Mr Weather" stories about
> being snowed over in BD.

	Hmm I didn't get snowed in. I just had so much fun I decided I couldn't
leave. So I stayed a few extra nights. :) 

 Some people have mentioned moving this list. I am working on something for
that. With the help of a few people I hope to be able to get atlantia.sca.org
fprward to a machine I run here at NC State. If I can then we can move 
things to it. If there is want and need.   


All I got from 12th night was Crisco. Now if I can get the other 2 parts 
of my dream. 

Scott Callicutt sfcallic@magneto.csc.ncsu.edu, 919 515 3569