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12th night wrapup.

Good Gentles,
    I am glad everyone had so good a time up here in the Barony of Black
Diamond at the twelfth night celebration. We were all proud to host such an
assemblege of people. I do hope that everone made it home without too much
more hassle.

A few things to pass on.
    Lady Kennaburh Bothuile (MKA Kymber Miner) was delivered safely to the
Roanoke airport on tuesday where she was able to fly to Chicago for her 8
week course of study for her new job. She thanks all of those who helped
her through her asthma attack, and short hospital visit. All those who
would wish to contact her should write her at

Kymber Miner
2233 S. Highland Ave APT 1110
Lomdard, IL 60148

or call


If anyone has friends in the Chicago area who would like to borrow an
Atlantian to dress up their events, please give them a call, Kymber is not
sure of the amount of free time she will have, but it would be nice to see
some Sca folk while far from home.

In other news, it is trying to snow again, the weather service is promising
another foot of the White Plague.

I need to contact a few people. I need Adresses (snail or Email) for

Janos (Sir Kane's Squire)
Angus (not me, the Angus from House della Falco)
Marenna (Mistress, type one each)

I realize that two of these people are in the Acorn, but with onew of my
roommates moving out, I can't find an acorn, or anything else in my house.

Thanks very much,
Angus of Hamildone

400 Green St. 44B
Blacksburg, VA 24060