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The Land and the Prince are One

Henry sed:
>> His Highness gets worried about the weather, I'm gonna pay more
>> attention. It must be a precursor to that "the Land and the King
>> are One" mystical awareness thingee.
Galmr sed:
>I wasn't exactly *worried*, I just said it'd be cool if it snowed "this high"
>(holding my hand about 3' off the ground).
Worried? Did I say "worried"? A mere slip of the tongue, Your Highness. I
know that a Northman of your stature would not be "worried" about snow,
save perhaps a feeling of disappointment, should it not fall.
I meant simply that, in future, when you give out your Most August Royal
Command to the Elements, I will simply assume the Earth will tremble,
the Heavens part, and the weather shall bow to your Whim.
Which reminds me, now that you've had your fun, do you think you could
give an August command instead of a January one and clear the rest of
this snow out?