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The Land and the Prince are One

    Henry addresses his most gracious Highness, trying to goad his
    excellency into mitigating current weather patterns:

Which reminds me, now that you've had your fun, do you think you could
give an August command instead of a January one and clear the rest of
this snow out?


    I reply:

    Or he could do what we did in snowbound Carolingia of distant
    memory.  Hold a council meeting.   Curiae work too.

    The resultant blast of hot air cleared the
    roads for a good day's travel in all directions.

    Far enough in fact for the more intrepid among us to get to
    events in the Barony of the Bridge (RI) or Barony Beyond the
    Mountain (CT).  The climate in these balmy southern
    locations was far more clement, and by in large free of
    intermittent council-generated sciroccos.

    (In whom shoveling breeds nostalgia, above and beyond the
    muscle aches)