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RE: Our pal, Netcom

Greetings from Eldrydd!

Sorry, but it looks like it did screw up like you hoped....

I got this at about 2:00pm on Thursday Jan. 11.



Thus scribbles Henry:

%From: gc429
%To: atlantia-l
%Subject: Our pal, Netcom
%Date: Tuesday, 09 January, 1996 4:33AM

[---- ka-snip ----]

%        This list used to be fairly vigorous, with lots of inane
%chatter mixed with some true gems; and all of it welcome contact
%with friends, when it all comes down to it. Now it's mostly quiet.
%I think the lag time has been a factor in that, as well.
%        I request that you look for a different home for the list.
%Messages from netcom accounts are distributed with no real delay;
%but everyone else gets highly variable results, with 4 days being
%the apparent average. (You watch: THIS message will post within
%2 hours. There is a corrolary of Murphy's Law which states that,
%when you try to prove the law, something will go RIGHT in order
%to screw you....)
%        Thanks,
%                Henry
%(sent 1/9 @ 0435)