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Re: Our pal, Netcom

>On Tue, 9 Jan 1996, John Strauss wrote:
>>         Atlantia-l goes beyond the fun of chatting with friends.
>> It is also potentially a powerful communication tool in the event
>> of some emergency that impacts the kingdom. There is probably at
>> least one person per branch that subscribes. Those people could
>> be used to relay complex messages quickly throughout Atlantia and
>> get responses back.

Just a note of caution. People "into" the net tend to overestimate 
the number of people involved in it. It is a potentially dangerous
assumption to presume that "at least one person per branch" subscribes.
It should be remembered that the Internet is a great convenience, and
that it greatly facilitates rapid communication, but that NOT everyone
is connected (or gets the information provided there though those who are).
To believe (and act) otherwise does injustice to those who aren't.

Corwyn Sinister

Rick Steeves