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Fool's Twelfth Night

Greetings all fair gentles!  I am back in business here at school, and I 
hope all of you had pleasant holidays.  I am posting this as a favour to 
my friend, Sine ni Dheaghaidh, autocrat for Fool's Twelfth Night.  It is 
the flyer that appeared in the acorn (more or less), posted here for the 
benifits of those of you who missed it.  I encourage as many people who 
can come to try and make it out.  It promises to be a silly time!

January 20, 1996

Kingdom Twelfth Night and Yule are over and you can now put all 
seriousness aside and join us for Hindscroft's 3rd annual Fool's Twelfth 
Night.  There will be all manner of fun and foolishness.  Enter contests 
for best silly song, best use of motley, best use of bells, and the King 
and Queen of Fools.  Lord Doughal will have his traveling games circus.  
Board games of all varieties will be available [I'm running an all-day 
Glukshaus tourney, as well as a Medieval strategy board games 
tournament-- there are prizes!-- Eogan]   And of course, there will be 
dancing, dancing, dancing!  Our foolish Feastocrat, Lord Oshi, (MKA John 
Sellers) will be serving a most unique and unusual feast.  Those with 
dietary concerns may reach him at (910)760-9136.
	The site is beautiful Camp Carefree near Madison, NC and is wet with 
designated driver.  The site opens at 10 AM and closes at 11 PM.  Limited 
crash space is available-- notify the autocrat.  The cost of all this fun 
is only $10 for on-board and $5 for off-board.  Children 12 and under are 
free.  Please remember the $3 BOD surcharge if you are not a member.  
Make checks payable to Shire of Hindscroft, SCA, Inc.
	For reservations and/or information contact the foolish autocrat 
Lady Sine ni Dheaghaidh (MKA Jane Sellers) 4050-E Huntingreen Lane, 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106. (910)760-9136 before 10 PM please.  Merchants 

DIRECTIONS: From the NORTH:  Take best route to Martinsville, VA.  Take 
US 220 south towards Madison, NC (about 25 miles).  You'll see P&M Truck 
Stop on the left.  Go 1/2 mile further.  Look for Camp Carefree sign on 
right. Turn right.  Follow SCA signs.  From SOUTH and EAST:  Take your 
best route to Greensboro, NC. * In Greensboro take I-40 west towards 
Winston-Salem, NC.  Take NC 68 north.  Piedmont International Airport 
exit #210.  Turn right.  Proceed north on NC 68 for about 25 miles.  NC 
68 north merges with US 220 north.  4 miles after NC 68 & US 220 merge 
(if you pass P&M Truck Stop you have gone too far) you will see a sign on 
the left for Camp Carefree.  Turn left.  Follow SCA signs.  From the 
WEST:  Take your best route to Winston-Salem, NC.  Go east on I-40 
towards Greesboro.  Follow * above.