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Re: Re[2]: Our pal, Netcom

Luthor asks:

<Is there a reason we should not do this?

Well, yes. Kendrick started atlantia-l, on his own initiative,
and made it a going concern, providing value to the kingdom
well beyond what I think most of us understood it would be.

He owns that project, by right of initiative and work invested.
That makes him the boss.

When I started this thread, I wanted to raise awareness of thewhat the status of the solution was. I wanted to see if other Atlantians
could provide info and assistance. I want to stop short of stomping
on Kendrick's toes. He's done real well by us and I would like
to see that continue.

It is sure great to see the offers of help. That willingness to
pitch in is one of this kingdom's great strengths. But let's make 
sure it's understood: these are _offers_ of help. Kendrick gets
the final call, when he's good and ready. There is no particular
urgency on this problem. It needs addressing; but the answer
can wait until its proper time.