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Re: looking for sign language interpreter

Steven wrote:
>SCA sign language??
>Is this just Aslan or am I missing something?

The sign language that Gaffer uses in court is American Sign Language with a
twist.  The SCA interpretors have made up their own signs for words we use
that don't have an Amslan equivalent.

Gaffer is VERY interested in teaching the SCA signs he knows to another sign
language interpretor so there can be interpretors at the maximum possible
number of events.

Gaffer is also interested in teaching people sign language in general.

I am personally of the belief that sign language interpretors who volunteer to
interpret court at an event should have their site fee waived; and have told
Gaffer that I am waiving his site fee at Emerald Joust.

I encourage other Autocrats to do the same.


        - Anarra Karlsdottir

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