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Re: looking for sign language interpreter

It's more than just aslan. There is specialized jargon developed
for use in the SCA. Signs for the kingdoms, for example, inply the
arms of each kingdom in gesture. There is some real meat to the 
SCA vocabulary they have worked out. I was impressed.

I was even more impressed with a deaf gentleman I spoke with after
the first UA class in sign. Sometime during the course of the 
conversation, I challenged the notion that aslan is an actual
language, in its own right, rather than merely a code. He asked
me what I would accept as proof. I replied that a good litmus might 
be if aslan supported its own puns. 

He grinned ear to ear. I was then treated to a delightful lesson in
the richness of aslan punning, which turned out to be far superior,
in some ways, to punning in English. Great fun.

-Henry Best