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Thank you

Greetings to those warming their hands here inside the inn

I want to publicly thank Lady Angharad Melys for her efforts in the A&S room
at 12th Night and Baroness Ceridwen for sponsoring the poetry competition.

My sister picked 12th Night morning for her wedding and  I was going to be
unavoidably late reaching the site. Baroness Greta graciously agreed to
attend to things in my absence and enlisted the help of two Arts and Science
officers.  Unfortunately, due to the weather Saturday,  not one of them was
able to get to 12th Night. They all had to turn back near or at the border.
 By the time I could leave Charlotte, the roads were too bad to even try to
make it up there.

>From several individuals,  I have been told that Lady Melys  jumped right in
and did a great job of handling the situation.  I greatly appreciate this.
 12th Night  was very important to me and I am so glad the display turned out
well.  It is that kind of cooperation, initiative and enthusiasm that
reinforces my enjoyment in the society. I hope everyone enjoyed the items on
display and if someone took pictures, I would love to see them.

For those of you who entered the poetry competition or for those who 
would have but were unable to make it to 12th Night,  Baroness Ceridwen 
will be holding the Poeta Atlantiae competition on the Sunday of 
Emerald Joust.  Her Excellency will be posting further information on that.

Lady Melys, Baroness Ragnel and Baroness Ceridwen and any others who
participated....thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate
your efforts on my behalf.