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SCA sign Language

On Tuesday, January 16, 1996 at 3:35:38 am EST,
Steven wrote:
>SCA sign language??
>Is this just Aslan or am I missing something?

	To the best of my understanding, American Sign Language did not
have enough of the specialty terms that were needed for things Medieval 
and Things SCA'ish.  Therefore, someone (I Don't know who...) got in 
touch with the Government of England/Scotland/France, etc and pulled out 
many of the proper signs from them.  In addition, they created signs to 
cover those that were not available.  I don't have all the Details, that 
is why I was looking for the Kingdom Interpreter in the first place.
	This is all best guess and Hear-say, None of what I have just
said is documented by me.  Hopefully this will be corrected when I get
more information.
	Hope that makes some sense, until later,
		In service to my lady and the dream,

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