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Has Anyone Seen A Fool?

Greetings Gentle Cousins:

Has anyone seen a fool?  You know, mad-cap fellow in a floppy hat, 
capering madly before the processional, always in trouble because hhis or 
her words sometimes cut a little too dear?  I think this fellow juggles, 
too, or perhaps knows a bit of tumbling.  I'm not sure, you see, because 
I've never caught a glimpse of fellow.

As Marshal-of-the-Hall (Autocrat?  What's an autocrat?), for Storvik's 
Never Too Early For Love, I'm looking for a fool for their Excellency's
Court.  Ideally, someone witty, acrobatic, and playful, but 
anyone willing to risk their reputation will do in a pinch.  

Conceptually, the event is a high middle ages recreation of a 
feast day celebration of Eleanor of Aquataine, including a recreation 
of a Court of Love.  There should be lot's of opportunity for sport.  
For example, imagine the scene - lord approaches lady, and begins to 
compliment her on her endearing . . . eyes.  Meanwhile, the fool, 
approaching on all fours, grovels at her feet and begins an ode to her 
big toe.  

There, you see - an easy job for any old on-the-spot poet!

The job could be anything you make of it, from half-witted tumbler to the 
prince of merriment.  It's yours for the making.  All ya gotta do is apply.

Applications now being accepted!  Don't be the last one on your block to 
proudly proclaim "Yes!  I'm a fool!"


aka Jeff Tyeryar