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listserver option (my pal Netcom)

>I would like to know... what if anything is the cost to have a list server 
>from PalTech?... Atlantia-L is looking for a provider and I would like to 
>offer PalTech as on option but I don't know the costs.. they need something 
>that can keep up with them and not bog down when it comes to sending 
>information out to other servers in the Mid Atlantic area..At the moment they 
>are having problmes with the fact that it takes almost 2 to 3 days for some 
>people to get posts that were sent... 

We charge $75 per month per 1,00 names and we have no bottlenecks. All mail
goes out immediately over our T-1 line and we have a dedicted mailing list
machine that only handles lists.

 Paul LaZar                    PAL Technology Group, Inc
 (VOX) 301-681-0123             http://www.paltech.com
 (FAX) 301-681-4807    

Tovah Scofeld
MKA Debera Rothschild
Roxbury Mill, Atlantia