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Re: The Feast of the Thirty

On Tue, 16 Jan 1996, TREY SUTTER <tsutter@mci.newscorp.com> wrote:
>        Unto the good people of Atlantia I send greetings.  This year I have
>the honor to share the duties of autocrat for the Feast of the Thirty, to be
>held this May 17th-19th. 


> Both my Friend and I are Fencers and Archers
>and we seek suggestions for two important events; the A&S competition and
>the Heavy Weapons Melee!  

another snip

>        As far as the Heavy Melee goes we are leaning toward a suggestion of
>a Bridge battle with the "bridge" constructed out or bales of hay or straw
>20-30 feet in length and about 10 feet apart to form the bridge.  This
>sounded safer to the those involved and less damaging to the site than
>actual construction of a wooden structure of any type.

I regret that I have never attended this event before, so I don't have a feel 
for which heavy fighting scenario would best fit the site and the event itself. 
Over the years, though, I have gotten the distinct impression that heavies do 
not enjoy bridge battles (aka limited frontage engagements). 

Until the very end of the battle (when one side has ground down the other side 
enough to break through their line) only the spears and polearms have any fun at 
all. The sword & boards are just there to be fed into the grinder, and the 
two-swords and great-swords just stand around in armour. Except for their skill 
at snatching spears <g>, our knights really don't have the opportunity to show 
their skills.  

Meeting engagements are better received (woods battles are MY favourite!). They 
are much more fluid, and a fighter's skills are easily demonstrated. Also 
there's not much standing around, waiting for the chance to DO something. 

All of this is very dependent on the site. But I did want to let you 
specifically, and other autocrats in general, what fighters enjoy most 
(regarding non-tourney FIGHTING...<g>). Comments anyone?

Reinhard von Stettin,
Knight Marshal for the College of Yarnvid,
Squire of His Grace, the Duke Sir Bertrand de Flammepoing