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The Feast of the Thirty

        Unto the good people of Atlantia I send greetings.  This year I have
the honor to share the duties of autocrat for the Feast of the Thirty, to be
held this May 17th-19th.  The site for the event will be the same as last
year, Kings Mountain State Park on the North/South Carolina Border on I-85.
It is an excellent site that has served us well in the past.  Donal Moorham
McCrae and myself, Sinclair Hawkins, both of the Canton of Falcon Cree, do
send invitations to all who wish to attend this celebration.  
        Although the details are still in the planning stage, we need a
favor from you good gentles.  Both my Friend and I are Fencers and Archers
and we seek suggestions for two important events; the A&S competition and
the Heavy Weapons Melee!  
        We are stumped as to the nature of the A&S competition and wish to
have a theme that will bring the many talents of Atlantia's craftspeople to
the forefront.  We wish to avoid the dreaded "open" category by itself but
may use it in conjunction with a more specific "Theme" contest.
        As far as the Heavy Melee goes we are leaning toward a suggestion of
a Bridge battle with the "bridge" constructed out or bales of hay or straw
20-30 feet in length and about 10 feet apart to form the bridge.  This
sounded safer to the those involved and less damaging to the site than
actual construction of a wooden structure of any type.
        We have made plans for a Large Middle eastern drumming and Dancing
session to be held after the Feast.  We hope to be able to repeat the great
interest that these activities caused at the recent 12th Night celebration.
        I greatly appreciate any help that can be given here so that we can
plan the best event for as many people as possible.  Hopefully with your
suggestions we can finalize our plans and have them published in the Acorn
for all to see in the near future.
        Again, I thank you all,

In Service to the Dream,
                              Sinclair Hawkins  &
                                Donal Moorham McCrae
                                      Canton of Falcon Cree

PS  Please send any private responses to TSUTTER@mci.newscorp.com or post
them here for open discussion.