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Southern War Practise A&S Competition


I am sponsoring a War Banners competition at Southern War Practise the 
weekend of March 2.  All of you who have been wanting to create War 
Banners for the Kingdom or your Household, Canton or Barony .... here's 
your chance!

Although documentation is not required to enter the competition, it is 
figured into the scoring and a documented piece will be given 
preference over an undocumented piece in the case of a tie.  The key is 
to research first....create second. If you do that, you'll have your 
documentation. Creating something and then trying to find something to 
justify it is much harder to do.  And yes, I have been guilty of that 
myself on occasion <g>. Seriously though, don't let documentation 
intimidate you. Start looking at banners shown in period and then 
decide on what you would like to do. If you have any questions of how 
to document something, ask your local A&S officer.

Banners add color, identification, a rally point  and an authentic feel 
to a battle.  Create one for your group and then bring it  to Southern 
War Practise.

In service,