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The 3YC Truemark Archery Challenge (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 1996 23:59:16 -0700 (MST)
From: James Prescott <james@nucleus.com>
To: sirjon@netcom.com
Cc: atye@efn.org, LizKenyon@aol.com
Subject: The 3YC Truemark Archery Challenge (fwd)

For your information, the following announcement has been
posted to the Rialto, and to the An Tir, Archery, Avacal, 
and 3YC lists. It will also appear in the 3YC newsletter, 
The Progress.

= = = Begin announcement = = =

The 3YC Truemark Archery Challenge

  Announcing the 3YC Truemark Archery Challenge, issued by Lord
Andras Truemark, Grandmaster Bowman of An Tir and Grand Bowmaster
of the West, and sponsored by Jarl Sir Barak Ravensfury of
An Tir.  Come compete for glory and the opportunity to present a
large Cash Prize to your Monarchy for Children's Archery in your
Kingdom.  Come compete for the title of Archery Champion of 3YC!

  A mere $5.00 U.S. ensures your entrance into one the greatest
archery competitions the Known World will ever experience
(entrance fee added to Cash Prize).  Royal Rounds, IKAC, IKCAC,
and York Rounds 'til your shafts warp and your fingers cry
"enough!"  Highest scores in each venue determine finish
position, with the highest averaged finish position determining
the overall winner.

  The Challenge begins when the Archery Green opens and continues
as late as possible to give all archers an opportunity to enter
and compete, regardless of arrival date.  Shoot as many times in
each venue as you wish (with an official scorer present) and
have your best score count for final positioning.  Have your
name in lights (well, alright, on a daily leader board) which
will be posted at the Archery Green. Never again will there be
such an opportunity to show the populace the prowess of the
Archers of the Known World.  Come compete, have fun and 
support Children's Archery in our Society!

  For further information, contact Lord Andras Truemark, 
(mka Jack Crockett), 2170 Harding Ave, Napa, CA  94559.
Phone 707-252-2732 (PST!) or e-mail c/o LizKenyon@AOL.com

= = = End announcement = = =

All my best,
Thorvald Grimsson/James Prescott (james@nucleus.com)
Overall Archery Autocrat for Thirty Year Celebration