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Re: Most Disgusting Creative Anachronism (fwd)

This was a response to a Rialto post of mine. Any DiScafozi going to 3yc?

--Erich von Kleinfeld

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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 96 19:02:07 -0800
From: Alex Hart <Alex_Hart@mindlink.bc.ca>
To: wwwaft@access2.digex.net
Subject: Re: Most Disgusting Creative Anachronism

Your are truly sick ! :-) :-)
If I can stop laughing long enough - especially at the cod pieces - I shall
find someone to complain to !

And if the family doesn't appear at 3yc clothed as above I shall *really*
get upset ! :-)

Alastair the Eastern Traveller
Lions Gate An Tir