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Re: medieval unmentionables

>> Greetings one and all...  I thought this tavern would be a perfect place
>> to glean the knowledge I seek.  The knowledge is of an extremely
>> specialized and sophisticated nature, of the kind only noble gentles such
>> as yourselves may possess.  The information I seek is that regarding the
>> chivalrous topic of.....  MEDIEVAL UNDERWEAR.

>> wanted to scope out just how much information was out there.  Our school
>> library had one great source, _The_History_of_Underclothes_, by C.
>> Willett and Phillis Cunnington.  Does anyone know of other sources
>> available, or know anything about period underwear they could share?  Any
>> help would be appreciated.

You might take a look at a couple of books I've noticed on my lady's bookshelf:

Ewing, Elizabeth.  Dress and Undress, A History of Women's Underwear.
Batsford Books, London, 1981.

Waugh, Norah.  Corsets and Crinolines.  Routledge/Theatre Arts Books, New
York, 1991.

Both have brief sections on period underthings.