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Re: Extra Cash!

At 2:30 PM 23.01.96, Chuck Graves wrote:
>     Who is this joker and how do we get him unplugged?

Forward it to his postmaster.  Most providers have anti-spam clauses these
days.  As a result, most spammers nowadays ask for snailmail or fax
replies, 'cause they know they won't get your email.

>                                                        PERMANENTLY.

You can't.  There are too many ways onto the Net.  There has been talk in
the past of a blacklist, but I think it foundered on the shoals of libel.

>     Tadhg
>     ps. should I be sending a copy of this to the FCC?

No.  The FCC has nothing to do with the Net.  If he solicits replies by
snailmail (and I don't think he did), then it may be a chain letter (see
http://www.usps.gov/websites/depart/inspect/chainlet.htm).  If not, the
only legal recourse is if it's actual fraud & you get burned.

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