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underwear and alexander

eogan wanted information on underwear.

one of my favorite sources is alexander of neckham.  he was a 
british student at the university of paris, and he wrote a kind
of memoir cum latin text that detailed student life as he knew
it - in latin - with the obvious purpose of providing latin
vocabulary about daily life for other students.  remember, this
was at a time when all students were supposed to speak only latin,
no vernacular languages, for every aspect of their lives.

in any case, one of the things that alexander talks about is
getting up and putting on his clothes each day.  he mentions
and describes each piece of clothing from the skin out.

there is a text called 'daily living in the 12th century' which
is still in print and has been around for ages (i used it as a
college text 25 years ago).  it is based around a translation of
alexander's writing.  there are other translations - try your
university library (and interlibrary loan if necessary).

hope this helps you.

in service,